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Affiliation is currently open to Pokemon shrines with a similar analytical or personal focus. If you are interested in affiliating, please hit me up via e-mail!

Dark Knight Samantha's Dark Knight is here as a placeholder to show off one of her awesome Pokemon sites while we wait for the launch of her Mimikyu shrine, an arranged affiliation we set up for our babies while they were both in the works. Her Darkrai shrine is amazing in its own right. It has a great Strategy section, and interesting reads on lightness and darkness, and the Pokemon's status as good or evil.

Lucky Cat Destinie's Lucky Cat was a pioneer in the Pokemon shrine community; it was one of the first Pokemon shrines I remember seeing many years ago. It has grown and gotten better and better throughout the years, and remains a true gem in the Pokemon fansite world. It covers Meowth in the games and anime series. Some of my favorite sections are the analytical sections Folklore and Origins.

Ephemera Robin's Ephemera is really something special. The unique and soothing layout matches Robin's portrayal of Clefairy on the site. She covers everything you could hope to learn about Clefairy from anime appearances to video game appearances, including its cameos in Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon Stadium. My favorite section is the Mythology section, where you'll find information on fairies and the moon.

Dark Claws Dubiousdisc's Dark Claws is a beautiful and thought-provoking tribute to Sneasel, a Pokemon that can kill you much faster and more effectively than Drifloon. This site is great for two main reasons: Dubiousdisc's beautiful art, and her unique presentation of both Pokemon and Sneasel. Her essays are personal and beautifully written; most interesting to me are the sections on Sneasel's biology and environment.

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