Drift Away


Pokemon is a widely popular video game franchise with video games, anime, manga, toys, and books dating back to 1996. The games feature creatures called Pokemon in which humans known as Pokemon Trainers capture, study, and battle against one another.

Pokemon PearlWhen I was younger and Pokemon began to be a thing, a lot of controversy surrounded the series. I remember animal rights groups and churches protesting the games. There was a kid in my 8th grade Science class who played Pokemon, but no one thought he was cool. Hey, we were shallow kids. Still, it sparked my interest, and I played a little bit of a Pokemon game in on my brother's Gameboy Color. I just didn't tell anyone. I don't remember which game it was -- I want to say Gold -- but I never finished it. Fast forward to my early 20s, where I decided to buy and play what I consider to be my first actual Pokemon game, Pokemon Pearl. I fell in love. Drifloon is to blame.

I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore Pokemon fan. I love the games, and I want to play them all, but I don't grab them as soon as they come out. I have a large video game backlog, and Pokemon isn't high on it. I guess I'm more of a casual Pokemon Trainer. ;) So far, I've played Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon HeartGold, Pokemon Black, Pokemon Black 2, and some of Pokemon X. The rest of Pokemon X, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Pokemon Sun are on my to-play list, don't worry. The games are endearing to me. I'm a huge RPG fan, and I enjoy how casual Pokemon can be. I find picking up a Pokemon game and training and leveling my Pokemon to defeat gym leaders and whatever evil team is misusing Pokemon relaxing and fun. I guess I like saving the day.

Pokemon HeartGoldMy favorite Pokemon game so far is Pokemon HeartGold. I liked a number of its features: being able to call and rebattle trainers I fought, the Pokewalker which was just amazing, and my favorite Pokemon following me around in-game.

As for actual Pokemon, Drifloon caught my eye and attention right away and is my favorite. Other Pokemon I find interesting and enjoy training are Sharpedo, Jolteon, Shellos, Froslass, Houndoom, Infernape, Snivy, and Cubone. Some I enjoy for completely shallow reasons (Sharpedo is a freakin shark), some I enjoy for their skills in-game (As a duo-type Pokemon, Shellos has a resistance to electric, making him a beast against enemies weak to water without a major weakness), and some I enjoy for their background and story (Cubone wears its dead mother's skull). I like Drifloon for all three.