Drift Away


Stephen King's ItI'm a horror genre buff and fan. Balloons are prevalent in many of my favorite horror and thriller films: Stephen King's It, M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, and Eye For An Eye, a fantastic Sally Field film. Balloons are creepy, like my favorite Pokemon.

Drifloon is clearly modeled and named after a balloon, an object with quite a lot of meaning in life and popular culture. How are balloons used in life and entertainment, and what can they tell us about Drifloon?

In life, balloons are used in events as a sign of celebration. At graduations, they are released to the sky, a sign of one life passing as another begins. They are similarly used at birthday celebrations, as one year passes in life and another begins. To me, they represent change, and letting go of what once was.

In literature and film, balloons often represent youth and innocence. Children are often found holding balloons in books, poems, and movies. A forgotten balloon floating to the sky often represents a loss of innocence, and a transition to adulthood. Once again, it's a symbol of a life beginning as another ends. It also can represent loss. I think balloons are very temporary, and can represent how short life is. A child holding a balloon, for example, is holding onto something that is tugging against the string attached to it, desperately trying to get away.

Balloons are a very scary thing to many people, perhaps because of how suddenly they can pop and startle someone. They are used as a symbol of horror in many horror films, most notably with clowns, which I personally find very scary. Balloons can be chilling on their own, however.

The Sixth SenseOne of the most popular balloon symbols is found in M. Night Shyamalan's film, The Sixth Sense. The lead character, a young boy named Cole, is at a birthday party, off by himself, when he sees a red balloon fly up to the ceiling and pop. He follows the balloon up a stairway to a closet, where he encounters an angry spirit who harms him. This balloon in particular, not only represented a life lost, but was also a signpost for spirits, much like Drifloon.

Drifloon is representative of many of the things balloons represent -- life passing, and the spirit world, most importantly. Drifloon drifts through the sky like a balloon released in a celebration, and one might think of the good things people think of when they see a balloon: celebration, youth, and fun, but in actuality, Drifloon is representative of the dark things balloons represent. It's suggested that Drifloon might use its innocent look and misplaced representation to lure kids into grabbing onto it, so that it can take them to Hell. Drifloon is no joke.